At Verdi Landscaping, we take great pride in our service.

Read what our customers are saying:

"We had particular ideas about some of the elements we wanted to see incorporated into our frontyard near the coast in Pacifica and also wanted a landscape that would be for the long term. Jerry gave suggestions and backed each up with 'the why', while keeping aesthetics and our budget in mind. People stop by our yard often to ask, 'Who did such a great job?' Someday we hope to landscape our backyard and plan to call Verdi Landscaping to work their great design expertise once more. Thanks again, Jerry!" ~Kelley S.
"My back yard was an empty plot of dirt until last fall when Jerry and his staff transformed it into a beautiful garden. Jerry was creative in designing the configuration of the yard, as well as selecting the plants that went in. He kept me updated of his plan as work progressed. His crew was courteous and were thorough in their work and cleanup. I am very happy with the end result." ~Jane M.
"I am very happy to recommend Jerry and Verdi Landscaping. Jerry landscaped my entire back yard garden eleven years ago. I was happy with the job then, and I remain happy with the job now. The house was new and the back yard had never been landscaped; it was solid rock, dirt and weeds. He terraced the planted area on two levels with rock walls, good soil, plants and watering system, installed a flagstone pation area, and prepared an area for a spa. Jerry knows his work and takes pride in the job his crew does. I believe you will be as pleased with his work as I am." ~Mario
"We are very happy with Jerry's design and installation of rock walls in our front yard. We are now in the third growing season and it is looking even better with the maturing plants we put in. We completed two phases in two years and plan a third this year to finish the front with additional walls, a dry waterfall, and irrigation. His crews have completed the work very efficiently and quickly, and he made adjustments to the design while in progress. I've been impressed with other homes he has landscaped that are absolutely beautiful. Jerry has a great eye for design and plants to fit the area and does first rate work." ~Ron R.
"I am very, very happy with my extensive landscape project Jerry created for me. The payback is every day for me as I can wander through my rock walled garden and gaze upon the many plants flowers and amazing dahlias that are springing up everywhere. Jerry is what I call an 'artist' with the soil. He has rearranged my soil and has created a masterpiece." ~Greg B.
"My backyard was an empty piece of land with a rotten retaining wall, small unusable patio and treacherous steps leading to the lower garden area. Jerry transformed this entire space into a distinctive and beautiful area that I can enjoy inside and out. His crew moved with efficiency and tidiness. I highly recommend Jerry Verducci and his company of Verdi Landscaping. I was impressed with his communication skills, imaginative planning, hard-working and polite crew, and the final product." ~Jane T.